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  • Category: Web design
  • Client: ASU Company
  • Project date: 01 March, 2020
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Infinex Marketplace

Build Enterprise scale multi store, multi-vendor eCommerce marketplaces in strategic vertical markets. The next stage of multi-vendor eCommerce embeds transactions on a permissioned Blockchain framework which gives buyers traceability on the Blockchain. Infinex marketplace is not just a great ready to deploy solution but can provide optional additional services to suit your vision.


Onboard large groups of merchants, sub-merchants and account holders within a marketplace easily and in as automated a fashion as possible with fast, accurate and timely processing of applications. Experience blazingly fast payment processing and make your customers happy. Give your customers a wide choice of payments including Apple and Google Pay apart from all network Credit and Debit Card and Banking networks. Support direct electronic bank account debits. Integrated POS devices to collect 360 customer data, card present and card not present. The solutions we offer come with lesser costs, robust Anti-Fraud services overlaid on the payment processing service with world class customer support

  1. Integration: Works with your existing systems and processes, plus you can pick from a full range of features whenever you need.
  2. Experience: Create the optimal user experience, from how sub-merchants are onboarded and verified, to how payments are split, and when and how payouts are made.
  3. Funds: Easily split between one or several parties, move around as needed, hold, and settle funds whenever you want, whatever your business model.
  4. Flexible: Let us take care of all your functionality and pick the features you want to use from the platform.
  5. Make it easy for customers to sign up: Allow customers to subscribe to your service with a smooth sign-up process. You'll provide a seamless checkout experience with the payment methods your customers know and trust, and validate new cards quickly and easily.
  6. Reduce canceled subscriptions: A customer's card can expire, get stolen or they may lose it without your knowledge. Account updater services automatically update card details to give customers an uninterrupted experience.
  7. Keep customers coming back: Returning customers don’t want to input their card details again. Tokenized payment data allows seamless one-click payments, without any payment data touching your website.
  8. All popular payment methods worldwide: Including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.
  9. High-converting checkout on any device: Seamless experience on a fully branded payment page.
  10. Smart fraud prevention and risk management: Intelligent device fingerprinting and fraud rule engine.
  11. Revenue optimization across the entire payment flow: Serious threats of fraudulent attacks and card testing cost your business time and money. Smart data and machine learning automates fraud defense and takes the burden off your shoulders. A set of services and techniques to analyze and assign a risk score to each payment transaction. Filtering high-risk transactions allows to minimize the number of fraudulent payments and therefore maximize the revenue. Performing accurate risk management is extremely complex, and involves big data analysis.
  12. All compliance and regulation taken care of: Including PCI DSS, PSD2 and ISO 27001.
  13. Completely secure online payment solution; Enterprise grade firewalls and anti-malware solutions combined with SHA2 encryption and DDOS protection.
  14. In-depth customer insights and payment data on all sales channels: Reporting across all sales channels in one place
  15. Always up-to-date and ever evolving technology; As new payment methods are being added they become available in the gateway automatically.